Mrs. Okoh did an exceptional job helping our teenage son, Jack, advance his piano skills.  Her warm and friendly personality made him feel comfortable and never stressed.   She had the ability to keep him focused by recommending pieces that he would enjoy playing but that would also challenge him.  She inspired him to continue playing at an age when he was concerned about dividing his time to focus more on school and sports.  She was flexible and accommodated our often complicated schedules.  She made learning fun for Jack.  She was always positive with him, and with her encouragement, he gained the confidence to play accompaniment for his school choir.  We were so fortunate to have her as Jack’s piano teacher.  Mrs. Okoh was a great mentor to Jack.  She brought out the best in him, and she gave him gifts that he will have for the rest of his life - his talent and the inspiration to keep playing. 

Jeff and Teresa Kapler

Jacquie Okoh has been a wonderful piano teacher for both our sons! Studying with Jacquie for the past 8 years has been a very helpful journey for our children in the world of music learning and she has helped our children develop into talented pianists. She is not only kind, caring, extremely accommodating, and very patient, but she truly inspires her students to enjoy and love music and set their goals and aspirations very high. She has a well rounded approach and includes theory lessons, performance classes, recitals, and competitions as part of her yearly curriculum.  This has helped our children achieve high ranks in their piano exams and contests and also helped one of them to be the state piano contest winner for two years so far. Our kids just love here and we would highly  recommend Jacquie to anyone interested in learning piano.  

Sridevi and Sridhar

​​Okoh-Tisch Music Studio

We have had the pleasure of having Mrs. Jacquie Okoh teach piano to all four of our daughters over the last 15 years. Throughout that time we have attended her recitals so we have also been able to see the work of her other students. Mrs. Okoh is everything one would want in a piano teacher. She is an exceptional pianist herself and is completely capable of taking a student to music major bound level of work, but she also seems comfortable working with beginners and kids who are not destined for advanced level work but can still benefit from having music performance in their lives. She encourages the kids to practice regularly, but she is flexible with students who have other activities in their schedules. She is a kind, reliable person who truly cares about the kids and their piano development, as well as whatever else is going on in their lives. 


"We love Jacquie. Her caring of people, her passion about kids and her love of music made her the perfect teacher for my daughter." ...Changjian

When I first started taking lessons from Mrs. Okoh, she took the time to learn about what level I was for piano. She is very patient with teaching new material and keeps in mind what type of music you like to play, but also what she thinks is necessary for you to become a better student. Mrs. Okoh entered me into state competitions and dedicated time to help me do well. If she had time after a lesson, she would let me stay later just so that you she could help me. She let me see what I was really capable of by challenging me with songs that I never thought that I would be able to play. She helped me gain confidence in my talent as a pianist. When I played the piano for my school’s choir, she let me bring in the music that I was going to play and taught me how I could improve it to show off the best of my abilities. My favorite thing about Mrs. Okoh was that she considered what we do outside of lessons so that we wouldn’t be stressed out. If I ever had too much music to learn during a busy time during the school year, she would let me focus on the school work and let me lay off of some of the music that I was learning. Mrs. Okoh was the nicest teacher I could ask for and she opened all sorts of opportunities for me as a musician. 

 Jack Kapler